Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 8: A Place I've Traveled To

The biggest trip in my life was the Spanish club trip to Europe in high school, but I tell that story all the time. I think it was that same summer that my family drove to South Dakota.

One of my uncles is a Lakotah medicine man, and he invited us to the Sun Dance. He's actually a buffalo dancer. The Sun Dance lasts four or five days. We didn't stay for the whole thing, so we didn't get to see the buffalo dance at the end, but it involves medicine men dragging buffalo skulls tied to piercings in their backs. The buffalo is incredibly sacred to the Lakotah.

South Dakota amused me. I swear, I could see for three days in every direction. I used to think Missouri was flat, but I didn't know what I was talking about. South Dakota makes flat look wavy.

We saw a huge bison farm. Have I ever mentioned how much I love bison? They're gorgeous. I just want to snuggle into their fur. It's too bad they're aggressive. A saddle-broken bison might even be cooler than a saddle-broken giraffe. I can just see a herd of nomads chugging around on those big, beautiful beasts.

The location of the Sun Dance was on a black-footed ferret reserve. We've already discussed my irrational love of mustelidae. The place was riddled with prairie dog holes as the funny, wee critters are a dietary staple for black-footed ferrets.

We also stopped by to see Mt. Rushmore. At the time, I hadn't seen the Rockies for years. Those craggy, coniferous Black Hills made my heart ache. The monument was cool, but I think I enjoyed the nature more.

I love the rugged, wild beauty found out there in those mountains. A part of me will always belong there.

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