Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 18: My Favorite Place to Eat

I struggle to decide where to eat here in central Arizona, but back in Missouri there is one clear answer: Winstead's.

It's true that there are good '50s-themed diners wherever you go, but Winstead's is special. It's mine. The fries are amazing, the burgers are spectacular, but most importantly, it is the home of the skyscraper sodas and shakes.

Imagine, if you will, ordering a banana shake to rival in taste Coldstone's banana ice cream. It's that good. Now, they bring that delicious shake out to you in a vase most floral arrangements are too chicken to try to fill. It's so tall that they have to splice two straws together to reach the bottom. Slurping one of those down with a couple of friends until there's nothing left but frothy, whipped cream and a few stray cherries is one of the true pleasures of life.

Now I'm hungry. Road trip?

Listening to: What Not to Wear
Reading: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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