Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 30: A Picture of Myself on This Day and Five Good Things That Have Happened Since I Started the Challenge

Here I am, today, two or three hours ago, pleasantly sandwiched between Celery and Bonster. We were practicing a musical number for church to hilarious results.

These 30-odd days have flashed by like sunlit ripples on a pond, though this quaint little metaphor wasn't entirely without its mossy, muddy rocks splooshing in. That's life, I suppose.

School kind of has the bleary effect of making the days and weeks run together until most days I can't remember what I had for lunch (or whether I even ate lunch), let alone what went on back at the end of February. It's all impressions and broad, overarching statements.

Prone to nostalgia as I am, I'm sort of sad to see this challenge end. If you've missed any posts and want to go back for them, they are all conveniently linked here.

And so, five good things that have happened since February 23rd:

1. I fell into violent like with a guy, then climbed right back out again with the help of several sympathetic friends, a marathon of What Not To Wear, and more Swedish Fish than I care to count (or weigh, for that matter). There are few things more pleasant in this life than feeling at peace with the universe. Sometimes I think it's necessary to lose that Zen for a while, so that you can remember why it's so wonderful.

2. I finished rereading the entire Harry Potter series, something I had started back in December. It had been many years since I had read the first few, and I'd only read six and seven once apiece before I undertook this particular feat. It was fun to prance through them all in succession, especially since the final movie will be coming out in a matter of months.

3. I made a new friend named Laura. As with all of the best friendships, we hit it off, as they say, instantly. I met a lot of other cool people this past month, and I daresay I socialized more than I ever have before, but she truly sparkles.

4. A cool guy asked me on a date, and the date was fun! Anyone familiar with my dating history will know that there were previously two classifications of males in my life: guys who asked me out and guys asked out by me. The previous scenario always ended in me having to crush the poor chap's heart, the latter in the chummer sprinting the other direction like I was poisonous, venomous, toxic, and radioactive. I'm confident that this fun trip to GameStop and to see Rango has effectively broken the cycle.

5. My brother came home from Iraq and visited Dad and me during his leave. That boy says the darnedest things.

Sometimes I joke that "my life is so hard." It's time for me to stop that. It's not funny. How can I feign melodrama when I am so content with my life? I think...oh, yes, I think it's true. I can't believe I get to say this! As one of my favorite people would say: I'm mellow. Yes, I'm mellow...

Listening to: "Hot Pockets" by Jim Gaffigan
Reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen

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  1. Did I mention how very special I feel? Especially that I sparkle, and I loooove sparklies. Random, but still. I'm jazzed about making your list of 5 good things!