Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 22: The Contents of My Purse

This challenge was obviously created with the average female in mind. Unfortunately for these faceless meme generators, I am not your average female. In fact, I detest purses. They make me feel imprisoned. I mean, when you're carrying one around you have to keep track of it all the time. You have to watch it and hold on to it and make sure no one steals it or riffles through it. It's just so inconvenient! It's really inhibiting having a small pouch constantly tucked under your arm. I never carry one if I can get away with it. Pockets are beautiful things.

I suppose the real miracle of this post is that I own a purse and that I know where it is. What's more, it's kind of cool looking:

I know, right? If I have to own a purse, at least I made a good choice. I used to store jewelry in it, probably mostly because it was a convenient way to transport and keep track of all of it while I was moving, but now the innards mostly look like this:

You could lose your sanity in a black abyss like that.

Listening to: "Bella Notte"
Reading: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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  1. For once, we differ. Well, slightly. I agree completely with the frustrations of carrying around a bag constantly. However, I do like the convenience of having all I need at hand without cramming it all in my pockets, so I own a purse, and when I get to this post it will be much longer. :)