Friday, November 27, 2009


On Thanksgiving, my morning was wasted away watching this fantastic show I found called Cake Boss and eating Chicken In a Biskit with EZ Cheese. I really am in love with cake decorating and want to learn. I watched several episodes, since it looked like the channel was having some sort of marathon. Perhaps the two coolest cakes were the one that looked like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors and the one shaped like a giant ring box with a huge, edible ring inside. The story behind that one is adorable. A man came in to the bakery and told the baker that it was his girlfriend's favorite place to eat and that he wanted to propose to her there. The cake was made and the real ring in its box was put on the cakeboard with it and the entire ensemble was put out on one of the display cases, complete with a little edible tag that read "Heather, will you marry me?" The couple came in and the boyfriend was innocuosly pointing out cool cakes. They got to the ring box and the girl's jaw dropped. The guy grabbed the real ring off the cake and got down on one knee. All of the customers and the bakery staff (who were hiding behind a corner) burst into applause. Daw...

Eventually I tore myself away from the tube and went the Anne's (my dad's girlfriend) house to help her and my dad prepare dinner. When the prep work was done and the turkey was in, we went over to my uncle's house for the family Thanksgiving dinner. I love my family. I'm glad I got to spend time with them today.

After that, we went back to Anne's house and she continued work on her Thanksgiving feast while my dad and I took naps in the living room. It was one of the most fantastic meals I've ever had. Two words: homemade stuffing. And that was the best turkey I've ever had. Usually I find it dry and disgusting, but Anne cooks hers a special way and it was tasty and moist. There was a plethora of pies for dessert, but I went with mince. It was ubertasty. I want to try one that actually has meat sometime.

Dinner was followed by Rock Band, courtesy of Anne's kids and some of her daughter's friends. A few songs in, Anne walked by and said that they should let me sing because I had an amazing voice. Um, no. How 'bout not? Unfortunately for me, while they were picking the next song, they let a sample of one of the selections start playing while they discussed something. It was "Anyway You Want It" by Journey. Needless to say, I started busting a move from my seat on the couch. Thus, everyone jumped on the Rebekah-should-sing bandwagon. Well, I did and it was awesome. I don't know about the quality of the singing, but I had tons of fun. After that, me and another girl traded off singing every other song. My next song was "Carry on Wayward Son," which I love! Score? Oh, definitely 100%. My last number was "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac because my dad pointed it out, but he wouldn't sing it. He claims to have no talent. That may be so, but he certainly knows the words to an awful lot of songs.

Anne's daughter had to leave for another Thanksgiving shortly thereafter, but not two songs later (in which I played bass, while Anne's son did lead guitar), Anne got a phone call. Her daughter's house had been broken into and someone took her TV and her laptop. Since those were the only things missing and a bunch of other electronics and valuable books were left, they're pretty sure they know who it was, since the thief knew exactly what they wanted. Sad times, and the cops wouldn't even be able to make it until the morning because they have emergencies to attend to. Signs of the times?

Listening to: "Build Me Up Buttercup"
Reading: Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory

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