Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Boy! you guys really missed it..."

" should've been here yesterday."

So in 1966, some guy named Bruce Brown released a documentary about surfing. Yes, surfing. It was called The Endless Summer and it was endless summer. The documentary followed two California surfers as they travelled around the world, going whithersoever there was an ocean and it was summer, questing for that perfect wave, but everywhere they went, local surfers met them with the refrain, "Boy! you guys really missed it. You should've been here yesterday."

Yes, this story has a point. Just hold on.

For some reason beyond me, my mom bought this fascinating hour-and-a-half long saga of surfing, surfing, and more surfing on DVD a few years ago. So, yes. I've seen it. Several times. Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about the movie is the epic beach music. It was scored by a group called the Sandals. Former bandmates include none other than John Gibson (Sr.) of Gallatin, MO. I know, right?

But that wasn't the point of the story. Here it comes.

I was walking back from history when I saw a guy wearing a tee shirt. Shocker, right? Psh. Who wears tee shirts? That's so two minutes ago. Anyway, the logo on the shirt was this:

Wow, dude. That's hard core. Having an obscure movie poster from 20 years before you were born on your shirt is just awesome. Me, I was so excited about it that the first thing I did was text my mom to tell her.

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