Friday, November 13, 2009


With no free time and books lined up on my desk in take-a-number fashion, just waiting to be read, what's the logical thing to do? Why, buy more books of course!

You know what, it wasn't entirely my fault. It's not like I sought them out. There was a sidewalk book sale next to Hayden Lawn with big, printed signs that read "LAST DAY." I didn't mean to buy anything; I was just going to look and see what was there. Far too many classics that I've been dying to read, that's what.

If there's anything I have a weakness for, it's books.

Don't worry. I only bought two, spending a grand total of $9.

First, I got Timeline by Michael Crichton. I was ranting about how Gerard Butler was Scottish (not Irish) last night, and somehow I would up reading trivia about the movie Timeline on IMDb. Yeah, I dunno. But anyway, it said online that the producers made the director cut out a subplot and that there were some other things that deviated from the book. It just seemed so serendipitous when I found a copy that I just sort of decided to go with it. $4.

Second, John Steinbeck's chunky, 601-page East of Eden. The only thing I've actually read by Steinbeck is The Grapes of Wrath, so I'm really rather against the guy, but the same two teachers who ganged up and got me to read The Fountainhead assure me that East of Eden is much better than that ridiculous, climax-less, lying-in-the-grass volume in which the only good chapter was the intercalary one about a turtle. Considering how much I loved The Fountainhead, I'm just going to trust them. $5.

Getting into that last stretch in the plot where I can't put a book down until I finish those last few chapters then suddenly it's over and it's 3 in the morning? Priceless.

Listening to: "Beauty and the Beast"
Reading: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

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