Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bonkers for pigeon.

Today I did my second interview for my falconry paper.

The man I interviewed today is much newer to falconry than Tim Riordan. He's only been doing it five years. It was really quite fun. At his house, falconry is a family affair. Meaning, his kids want to help. His little toddler was adorable. She was riding on his shoulders and she kept reaching out and trying to get Little Bird (a juvenile peregrine) to come to her. That is one nifty bird. When he catches something, he always takes it back to the house to eat it. I think it safe to say that that family is never getting rid of LB.

The man's other bird was a bit more ornery. He's a year-old peregrine and we spent twenty minutes waiting for him to come back so we could leave the field we were in.

The guy I interviewed treats his birds like friends. He talks to them and teases them, even though they don't understand him. I thought it was pretty awesome. I don't think his wife agrees with me.

Listening to: Monster Jam (TV)
Reading: Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory

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  1. The song by Tom Petty? That would be "Freefallin'"