Saturday, November 7, 2009

And so it begins.

As with so many other things (xanga, deviantart, facebook, farmville), someone I know just made blogging look so cool that I had to try it. It was this or Spanish homework. I hope my xanga doesn't get jealous. Really though, it's been so long that I'm sure my xanga has forgotten all about me by now. It's probably moved on, maybe even settled down and had a few little xangas of its own. If so, I wish it every imaginable happiness.

Now, some of you not in the know might be wondering about the title, so let me explain. An Austenite is a very special kind of bibliophile (you're just going to have to look that one up). Namely, one in love with the works of Jane Austen. While I certainly don't discriminate against other literature (quite the opposite: I'm always looking for more to read), the works of the Authoress are indisputably my favorites.

Moving on to that whole blogging thing, there's not much to say about my day thus far. I only woke up about an hour and a half ago. So far all I've done this (technically) morning is harvest my animal by-products on farmville and eat a piece of re-heated pizza.

Now the pizza is actually an interesting story. I hope the parties involved won't mind my telling it. It involves my roommate and a guy friend of hers. He was texting her and asking if she wanted to go running with him and a friend of his and then get pizza. She was out and about and made all the proper excuses, all of which were true. When she got back from her excursion, he was still eating pizza and still wanted her to come join him, but she had homework and such. So he offered to bring her some on his way home.
This is the part where I come in. That night, I was up until 1:30AM on facebook. No sooner had I logged off, put out the lights and crawled under the covers, than the door opened and my roommate came in whispering. I was a bit confused for a minute, since she doesn't normally talk to herself, until a second, definitely masculine voice joined in. They quickly went back out into the hall. Before she closed the door, my roomie saw me turn and look at her, so she knew I was awake and could let her back in.
Well, I was having trouble falling asleep anyway, so when she ded come back in, we tripped on all the lights and what did I discover but that we had somehow acquired two pizza boxes that we now had to wedge into the fridge. It's kind of weird when the first question after "Hi" is "Do you have any Ziploc bags?" As she was taking the shelves out of the fridge and cramming all the juice boxes into the freezer, she asked me if I wanted some pizza.
Now, I'm not crazy. I'm not going to pass up free pizza when it rears its greasy head. Who cares if it's approaching 2 AM? So I started opening up the boxes and my mouth dropped open in astonishment. I guess "some pizza" actually translates to 2 1/2 whole pies. This was Monday or Tuesday. We're still working on the leftovers. I'd say we still have almost an entire pizza crammed into an off-brand Tupperware dish. Not that I mind. I usually eat my pizza backwards because I want to get the nasty crust out of the way first, but these edges are better than breadsticks! I may have it for lunch, too.

Football later.

Listening to: Dido on Pandora
Reading: Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie


  1. Pizza seems to be a trend. A wonderful, greasy, cheesy trend.

  2. I noticed that while I was eating it for breakfast and reading your blog.