Sunday, November 8, 2009


As per the norm, I was picked up after church to spend the day with my dad and his girlfriend, followed by family dinner at my aunt's or uncle's house (they live next to each other).

Today, my dad's girlfriend and her daugher picked me up. I think my dad and his brother were off playing with their quads. We met my dad and his girlfriend's son at a Japanese restaurant named Ah-so. My dad's girlfriend and his daughter like to surprise me, so they didn't really tell me where we were heading. It was a hibachi grill! I love those. I've only been to one (Sakura, in Topeka, KS), but I am totally in love with them. A neat trick the cook did that I don't remember them doing at Sakura (I may have just missed it) was how he cracked the eggs. He set them spinning them tossed them up and down with the spatula. Finally he caught them on the edge of the spatula, which cracked them in half. It was awesome. And of course he made a volcano out of the onion. If you've never been to one, go! Run! Eat! It's fantastic, if a little pricey.

After that, my dad's girlfriend, her daughter, and I went to Walmart. Since my dad's girlfriend recently hurt her hip riding quads at the Imperial Sand Dunes, she got to play with those motorized carts. They kept breaking down, though. They were kind of a let down. But I got some awesome over-the-knee socks so I can break in my Harley Davidson riding boots. I've had a distinct shortage of long socks.

Listening to: Hairspray
Reading: Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie

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