Thursday, January 28, 2010


Drew this back during the break as the result of a conversation a month or more prior. Running with the species "goblin-kitty," I did some half-hearted studies of bat noses then modeled the rest of its appearance after my caitshidhe shoulder-puppet. Mine has a sort of skunk coloring with a black throat and legs and a creamy body. Khargein also has the prettiest sky blue eyes. Yes, I need a life.

Also, I've had the song "Eyes on Me" stuck in my head for the past few days for inexplicable reasons. Meaning, buggets if I know why. But it's pretty, so I don't mind. Here:

Now it can be stuck in your head. Oh, and that's no patched together fan-video made as a tribute. The song is actually from FF VIII. This is unedited footage from the end of the game. I notice the side gets a little cut off in my layout, so if you're really interested in watching the video you may want to fullscreen it.

Listening to: "Eyes on Me"
Reading: Timeline by Michael Crichton

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