Friday, January 1, 2010


Last night I went with my brother to meet his most serious ex-girlfriend, who is now married. Alan's ability to remain close friends with his exes always astounds me. But it's kind of awesome. It was about a 45-minute drive, and we didn't leave until almost 11, so we were wandering around lost in the parking lot when the year change hit our timezone. I was pretty amused. We had already driven around the apartment complex twice, and we had finally parked and embarked on foot to see if we would have better luck that way. I was watching the clock, so I called out to him when it was midnight. We hugged, and because Alan is Alan, he kissed my cheek because he had to kiss somebody. Silly boy.

We eventually found the place. We spent a good three or so hours talking to Sarah and Doug. I can see why he thought she was so awesome. Her taste in movies and TV shows is stellar, if I do say so myself. They have a bunch of fish, and the betas are named Mal, Wash, Jayne, and Shepherd Book. Epic win. Plus, they had a ginormous puzzle that they let me work on a little. I love me some jigsaw puzzles. Have I mentioned that before?

Actually, now that I think about it, we were probably there closer to four hours. We got home around five. We had to stop at a Walmart and pick up some toilet paper on the way, but that didn't take that long. Nor was that important to the story. Sorry.

The three of us went to Salt Lake today. We wanted to eat at The Spagetti Factory in Trolley Square, but it wouldn't be open until four, and since I woke up around noon, I hadn't eaten and didn't want to wait two hours. I start feeling sick if I don't eat. We drove up to Temple Square to see if the Garden Restaurant was open, but apparently the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was closed today and noone remembered to change the sign pointing to the parking area that said it was open. We ate at the Cracker Barrel in Layton instead.

Afterward, we went to see an old family friend. She cut our hair when we lived in Utah. I hadn't seen her since I was five or six. It was really cool to reconnect. I'll never forget her yard, but now I'm taller than the boulders in the front. Trippy. They had a colossal gingerbread house that was pretty awesome. The little girls got Alan to play with them, though the four-year-old didn't quite agree with him on what the rules in chess are. That was pretty amusing. She was really ticked off when he held her to the actual rules and she lost. As an added bonus, I got my hair trimmed.

My cousins here are all really sad to see us go. We spent the evening jibing them and goading them to do their chores. Alan was especially zealous in the role of overseer. I was entertained.

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Reading: Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners by Josephine Ross

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