Monday, March 8, 2010


Ah...the sweet clacketing of a keyboard. Oh, how I love it! While it was fun and novel to blog from my phone, it took forever and generally ate up a third of my battery charge in the process. A nice computer keyboard is much more comfortable and efficient.

...Lost my train of thought. Too many tabs open. Well, since I'm loving on my keyboard it might be apparent (for those who didn't know already) that I got my computer back! Or Sofia, as she shall henceforth be known. Much shorter to say. The virus she got was ugly. Grandpa says it's one of the worst he's seen. It blocked everything else from opening, including the AVG, and pretended to be an antivirus itself. It kept wanting me to install a firewall. Who knows what saying yes would've done.

But Grandpa the Magnificent got it all cleaned up and Sofia is running as fast as ever, with a few slightly irritating side effects relating to HP MediaSmart. I may have to reinstall the webcam software, or maybe even the whole MediaSmart suite. Bleh.

Other than that, though, we're rocking! ...That may sound a bit more chipper than I feel. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy and such, but not...perky.

I'm mellow. :)

Which is interesting, considering the four tests and the Spanish paper due this week. must be the looming prospect of spring break.

I can tell I'm all Zen-y by my excessive use of ellipses.

I signed up for classes today for next semester:
Latin 101
Spanish 412 (Advanced Conversation and Composition)
Spanish 325 (Intro to Hispanic Literature)
English 222 (British Literature since 1798)
English 312 (English in Its Social Setting)

I'm excited for next semester. If I survive all the reading, it'll be an exciting romp through my favorite things: language and literature.

O! it feels so good to be back online. I loved my computer-free week, and I got a lot of personal reading done, dunno where that sentence was going.

Listening to: "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar"
Reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck

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