Friday, March 12, 2010


I suppose I should finally get around to blogging about my week. The four tests are not at all the exciting part, though they sort of dictated my frame of mind. I kept thinking I should study...I should some weird college-kid mantra, though very little studying actually took place. It kept losing out to three-hour naps and episodes of One Tree Hill. And that concert.

Forget talking about the rest of my week. CONCERT! Okay, so I'm actually not a big fan of concerts. They're too loud and I get bored really fast since there's nothing to do but listen to music, which is not multitasking enough for me. My brain either wants to do three things at once or do nothing.

Despite all of my issues with the concept, the concert I went to Thursday night was awesome. I'm so glad my friends talked me into it.

We got there when the opening band, a local group called Raining and OK, was almost done, so I don't really have an opinion about them. I don't really remember anything more about them.

The second band was Gold Motel. They're from Chicago. Perhaps the thing that about them that sticks out to me the most is that they looked like five really random people from very different walks of life who just happened to walk onto the same stage. The drummer was wearing a blue button up shirt and a tie with sneakers. One of the guitarists was wearing a tee shirt, jeans, and bright red converse. He probably had longish bangs, but kept them tucked behind his ear. Another guy would've looked kind of like a regular old farm kid from the Midwest were it not for his hair. I didn't know you could pair bangs with a buzz cut. O.o The lead singer, also the only female, looked normal enough. She was wearing a black dress and grey tights. Then there was the guy my roommate rather aptly described as reminding her of a rooster. He was dressed in all black, including a leather jacket and boots that were somewhere between being cowboy and biker. There he was with his blond bangs hanging in his face. That guy was all over the place! Needless to say, I can't really remember much about their music. I think I liked it?

The headliner band was a group from New Jersey named Steel Train. They were so cool! Since there were probably only forty people in the audience, they joked with us in between songs and eventually just threw out their setlist and took requests. Those guys are hilarious! And very versatile. There were five of them: three guitarists, a keyboardist, and a drummer. They could all sing and every once in a while they would play musical instruments, so to speak, and switch positions. At one point there were three playing the drums at the same time. "Clean cup, clean cup, moooove down!" It was epic. For their last song they just completely rearranged and each sang a verse. It was a cover of something. There was also a song where all five got around the same mic and only one was playing guitar while they all harmonized. So. Cool.

But I saved the best for last! My absolute favorite band of the night was Barcelona, a group from Seattle. They also talked to the crowd in between songs, including asking one kid about his hat. It was an abominable snow cap. :D Roomie and I got our picture taken with them after the show. They were so tall! And they all had good handshakes. I regret that we didn't stay and talk to them more, but it was late and there was sleeping to be done. Check out their music: Click! My favorite songs are "It's About Time" and "Colors." It's oversaid, but they were so much better live. Not to say that their recordings aren't awesome, but the difference is still mind-blowing. They're so cool! They're one of my new favorite bands, probably influenced by the fact that I got to meet them.

My not studying paid off. I feel like I did awesome on all of my midterms. I practically skipped everywhere today after I was done with my last one. I have never felt so good about a Spanish test. Speaking of which, I bought 2,000 Spanish flashcards today to help with my vocabulary. I figure since I'm going to major in it now, I should try harder.

Listening to: Barcelona
Reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck

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