Wednesday, December 9, 2009


College has pounced upon with me with a finals-week ferocity and I haven't had time to post.

Before I forget them, there are a few quick anecdotes from Sunday I want to mention. First, I went over to Anne's house around three. She had been making candy all morning with her daughter and one of her friends. When I got there, they were cleaning up even though they hadn't finished making all of the candy. Apparently, they managed to burn out a Black&Decker mixer. Which meant when her son and my dad arrived, she instantly started telling them about how her power tool had burned out. Which got her son thinking. He came into the living room ten minutes later with one of the mixer attachments clicked into their power drill. The best part is that it worked!

Later that night, my aunt brought out some family history for me. I'd asked her about it a few weeks before and she finally found it and pulled it out. It was amazing! I found my grandma's patriarchal blessing and a pedigree chart that went back to the 1500s. There was also an entire book dedicated to the Foote family, the chief portion of which told the story of David Foote, who joined the Church in 1835. Probably the most exciting thing in there was the passing reference to the mummies he saw in Kirtland. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, during the Kirtland years Joseph Smith acquired several mummies. Encased with them were the papyri that became the Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price.

Yesterday and today were chiefly spent trying to finish an English paper. I didn't succeed, but the teacher allowed deadline extensions. I'm really going to miss that professor. He was superb. It was kind of weird because he used to teach public speaking, so he is usually a very adept public speaker, but today he sounded like he was coming down with a sore throat. When asked about it, he said that he had just had a very emotional day. This became more apparent as he neared the end of class and was wrapping up, telling us about how wonderful we had been and quoting T. S. Eliot: "This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a wimper." As he got near the end of his remarks, my professor's voice started shaking more and I think he was almost overcome when he left the classroom. It was a melancholy parting for all in the class.

Tonight, I got together with my roommate and some of our friends for pizza and a movie. We watched Hancock. Afterward, since at 9 PM 24-hour quiet hours were supposed to start and carry on until the end of finals, we adjourned to my room because the way our suite is set up is unique and we have two doors between us and the hallway instead of the usual one. Almost everyone played Apples to Apples, but another girl and I sat and read MLIA entries. While everyone else was gone to walk someone to their car, we took the opportunity to make a youtube video, which can be found on my site. Our similar taste in TV shows is uncanny.

As a side note, my roommate got some multi-colored Christmas lights and strung them up above our window. They're inside the curtain so we can enjoy them. So far they've been on 24-7. I love the way the soft rainbow lights sparkle off our windchime as it turns slowly in the current from the air conditioning.

Listening to: Castle
Reading: Falcon Fever by Tim Gallagher

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