Sunday, February 28, 2010


I slept basically all day. Got up at ten; helped my roommate take down the trash and recycling; goofed around online for a bit; read a chapter or so of Steinbeck; ate lunch; went back to bed until five. Exciting life, huh?

But my roommate (who slept nearly as much as I did) and I ended the day with a bang by ordering pizza, then finishing Another Cinderella Story (love Selena Gomez) and watching Ever After. We seem to be on a Cindy kick.

Which just got trumped by the AWESOME THUNDERSTORM that just blew up. The wind must be blowing pretty hard, because the rain is flying sideways onto our window. I bet it smells awesome tomorrow. :) Wet sand...*sigh* But I still like Missouri's post-rain smell better. Soil > sand.

Listening to: Selena Gomez
Reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck

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