Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday I was once again kidnapped and taken to a weird place where someone massaged my feet and painted my toes. While the little asian ladies are cute, fun, and friendly, it's really not my favorite thing in the world.


Anne and Meagan are under the impression that they need to "turn [me] into a girl." O.o Um...I thought I already was one. I don't understand why I have to wax my eyebrows and look like a raccoon to be a girl. I'm sure their argument would be that it's fun to feel pretty, but "fun" and "pretty" are both subjective. They're so obsessed with the stuff that I don't think they'll entirely understand why I hate makeup. Foundation only brings out my flaws (and I prefer my natural skin tone anyway), lip stick needs no explanation, and eyeshadow makes me look like a middle schooler who's trying too hard. Not because it's been ill-applied, mind you, but because it looks out of place. I prefer to recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Face paint might work for some girls, but yours truly is one who would much rather do without.

And my eyebrows are just fine the way they are!

Hair is another issue. I don't feel the need to dye it. In fact, I don't think there's a dye out there that would be as cool as my natural color. Second, bumps. ...What? Who decided that should be in vogue? Neither am I a fan of straightening my hair or of curling it. It does what it wants, and I let it alone. My hair and I have come to an agreement on that count. Besides, my natural curls are much funner than perfect ones. Sometimes I can find perfect ringlets in it while other times it's full of twisty waves. Honestly, Sally's Beauty Supply. Where's your sense of adventure? Some might say that dying your hair green and wearing it as a mohawk is adventurous, but it's contrived. I would much rather let nature surprise me. Not necessarily out of laziness, though that definitely factors, but because natural is much more beautiful to me than manmade.

And then there's nail polish. Ugh. Can't stand the stuff. I don't think it's attractive and I hate the way it feels. Sure, there may be no nerve endings in my keratin, but there's skin underneath and it feels any pressure applied to my nails. That brightly colored paint totally masks that and makes my fingers feel clumsy and deadened. No thanks. I can kind of stand it on my toes, but it's still not my preference. And there will never be a time when fake nails will not be out of the question. My nails are naturally strong and grow in a much better shape than those glue-on atrocities. As an added bonus, they can't break off (if they do, I'm sure I'll have bigger issues) and when they grow out there isn't a weird line where something has obviously been adhered.

So feeling pretty is fun, is it? Well I think I'm wonderful just the way I am. Tee shirt, jeans, clean face, and all.

Listening to: "Magic Man" by Heart
Reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck

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  1. ...I always thought you liked my crazy hair....and I have nail polish on right now...and I thought you liked our crazy make-up sessions.....