Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So for the past week there's been this random pickle jar sitting in my suite's hall half-full of juice and sans pickles. Everytime my roomie and I walked past it we just gave each other this look that said, "Why?" Our suitemates, or at least one of them, does some weird things. Last semester they kept putting my hand soap in the shower. I freaked out at least three times thinking someone had stolen it before finding it hidden behind the shampoo. I would've been fine with them just using my hand soap, but what's the point of sticking it in the shower? I mean, really. About November I got tired of it and decided to hide it under the sink so they would stop putting it in the shower. Two weeks later my roommate walked in and asked me if I'd put her hand soap in the shower. What the dickens? I guess since they couldn't find mine they moved on to hers. And my roommate also had to make our suitemates put the trash can she bought back in the bathroom last semester. Now her Windex is missing. What I want to know is why someone would steal stuff from the bathroom and leave giant, briny jars in the hallway. That's just weird.

The pickle jar problem has been solved, however. As my roomie's friends were leaving last night after we watched The Office, one of them (the same one who likes to throw stuff into the elevator at us as the doors are closing) stole the pickle jar. At first he tried to stick it in our room, but we would have none of that, so he ended up taking it with him and leaving it in one of the elevators. Odd duck, but at least the pickle jar is gone. I still want to know why it was there, though.

In other news, I took my first linguistics test today. That was a lot of writing. It wasn't essay style, but there were a lot of short-answer questions. I took up the entire class period. I was the second-to-last person to leave. I didn't even have time to do the extra credit question and I think I made up a term. I looked it up in the book later, and I'm pretty sure the term in there is not the one I wrote down. Whoops. Oh, well. We'll see how I do and maybe I'll study before the morning of next time.

Listening to: "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" by Cher
Reading: Timeline by Michael Crichton

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  1. Well, at least the awkward pickle jar is out of the hall. Especially since it is a pickle company named "Mt.Olives"...
    (I had to use this ID; it wouldn't allow any others)