Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The weather could not have been more comfortable today. It was perfect zoo weather (though I didn't go): overcast all day and the temperature barely crawled above 70.

My friend K and I went to the dog park in the afternoon with her canine friends Haley and Jersey. There were all sorts of super awesome dogs there. A boxer named Bo demonstrated the correct way to galumph. An adorable little corgi mix spent a good hour multiplying her own adorableness by doing things like standing in the cooler full of water K brought and propelling herself across the ground like a torpedo with her front legs tucked under and her chin dragging across the ground. Haley busied herself sprinted across the park after balls, her fluffy tail streaming behind her, while Jersey introduced herself to every dog in the place.

It started raining right before we left. Arizona rain always astounds me. It's so gentle and refreshing, and the smell of wet sand is almost exotic.

It was most assuredly barefoot weather.

K also made me one of her scrumptious fruit smooties.
K : smoothies :: Willy Wonka : candy

Listening to: Smoky and the Bandit
Reading: Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith

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