Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I meant to blog about walking beside the sprinklers on campus yesterday and getting my pants soaked, but I went to hang out with a couple of friends, and after the chocolate, the strawberries, and the cookie dough, I decided that I was just going to spend the night.

Unfortunately, while my dad knew that I had been hanging out with some friends that evening, my phone died before I decided to crash there.

When I finally got home this morning and plugged my phone in, I found a bunch of worried voicemails and texts from people wondering where I was and whether I was okay. It turns out my dad had called the Institute looking for me, and the people at the Institute had called just about everyone they knew. People I've barely spoken to were called during this massive manhunt (which only lasted about three hours).

I felt so bad when I found out about all of the worry I had caused. At least it makes a funny story. And hey, now we know where to check first if someone really does go missing.

Listening to: "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright
Reading: Falcondance by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


  1. It was a good drill :) We're all glad you're alive too :)

  2. Hey, now you cannot mistake your worth either.