Sunday, May 29, 2011

Giggle water.

While the rest of America has been enjoying Memorial Day Weekend, it's been Bonster Weekend here at my house. You have no idea how thrilling I find this. Bon is a stupendous human being.

We whiled away Friday afternoon with discussion and Paul Bettany. It took an extensive quest, but we finally found my copy of A Knight's Tale. I would estimate that I didn't remember a good third of that movie, which is both frightening and entertaining.

On Saturday evening, I went modern to a Great Gatsby party with Bon and Celery. They went as newsies. Granted, the ones in the musical were from the late 19th century, but men's fashion changes slowly enough that it didn't make a difference. A few highlights of the party:

1. Mocktails.
2. Eleven-layer bean dip.
3. Miniature cupcake-y goodness.
4. Throwing down in Egyptian Rat Screw.
5. Meeting someone else who has read Lackadaisy.
6. Meeting someone elses in general.

My favorite moment was when a group of boys arrived in an assortment of shirtsleeves, suspenders, vests, and fedoras. They had somehow managed to evenly space themselves as they entered one by one, and I was fully expecting a fourth man to walk out and for them to burst into song. But alas, no barbershop quartet were they. Indeed, they numbered only three. Their awesomeness as individuals minimized my disappointment.

Today, Bon and I kept each other awake in church through a series of asides and knowing glances. That girl is a marvel. I feel so lucky that she chose me as a friend.

Reading: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld


  1. This totally just made my week!! You are such an amazing friend and make me sound way cooler than I actually am :) Thanks for making this weekend totally awesome! I don't know what on earth I would do without you. <3

  2. P.S. also, thanks for keeping me awake in church, I almost didn't make it :)