Friday, April 29, 2011

Happily ever after.

"I have never been this sleep-deprived in my life." Such has been my refrain the past few days. Apparently, watching TV show marathons on Netflix isn't as okay during the regular semester as it is during finals week. I keep staying up late to watch Robin Hood, and then I have to get up early to do my homework because it doesn't get done at night (because I'm watching Robin Hood).

Which means that I've been averaging three to four hours of sleep a night, plus that five-hour nap I got on Wednesday.

So when I read that the broadcast of the royal wedding started at 2 AM, I figured, why not? What's one more night in a series of poor REM cycle choices?

I actually got up later than I wanted to. I came to around 2:45, freaked out for a few seconds, sprinted to the TV, and settled down to watch before Kate passed Buckingham Palace on her way to Westminster Abbey.

There seem to be two reactions to the nuptials among my circle of acquaintance: giddy excitement and scornful anti-apathy. A lot of people are asking the question, "Who cares?" Well, they can't be entirely apathetic, can they, or they wouldn't be taking the time to argue about why we shouldn't care.

For me, I don't particularly have a reason why I should care. It's more like, why not? Part of me is an Anglophile, and it's a part I'm rather fond of. England is part of my heritage (along with most of Western Europe and a few Native American tribes). Even more than that, though, I left a piece of my heart in London when I breezed through a few summers ago. I definitely enjoyed catching glimpses of places I've been during the broadcast.

The world always bands together for great tragedy. Why can't we all share in a few moments of happiness, too?

Plus, I'm a sucker for pomp, pageantry, and ceremony, just like I'm a sucker for classy vests, French food, my brown sugar songs, broad shoulders, unkempt lawns, and bubbles.

My favorite moments were the shared glances and whispered comments between William and Kate. I also rather enjoyed anything having to do with Prince Harry (he's my favorite).

A quick list:

1. While Kate was walking down the aisle, Harry looked back then made a comment to Will with a roguish grin.

2. Anytime Will and Kate glanced at each other during the ceremony. They looked like co-conspirators.

3. Alternately watching Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry with the little kids of the wedding party.

4. The two kisses on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

There was a lot of hype building up towards the first kiss. So much so that when it came, it was so quick that I felt it was kind of anticlimactic. But then they replayed it, and the way Will and Kate looked at each other made my heart melt (this is a common problem). That look, as they say, said it all.

I don't care what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future for the royal couple. I know that in that moment, at least, they were in love.

The world still loves fairy tales. I think it's okay to care about that.

Speaking of, while the cameras were panning over the crowd while everyone was waiting for the couple to come out onto the balcony, I saw someone holding a poster that said, "Kate, you're beautiful and your prince is charming." It made me smile.

Oh, I also loved seeing the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh together. I adore cute old couples.

Listening to: "Touch Me" by The Doors
Reading: Falcondance by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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  1. is it sad that the first thing in this blog that made my mind go misty was "broad shoulders?"

    But even though I fall into the rather apathetic category, I do like reading your version of the fairy tale - and am glad to be reminded that they do exist!!