Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Death by English paper.

Sometimes I feel like I'm entirely too confident in my own scholarly abilities. To illustrate, I'm going to tell a little story.

Saturday I went to the zoo. I tried to help with prep work for Linger Longer, my ward's monthly after-church snack, but technical difficulties ensued. I probably took I nap. I know I eventually wound up on Netflix watching Robin Hood.

Sunday I showed up to church early to continue the prep work for Linger Longer. I did my danged-est to stay awake in church, and I was even fairly successful. Easter lunch with my family was at noon. Around two I declared my resolution to go home and take a nap. When I finally made it home, I watched eleven straight episodes of Robin Hood, which for the record looks nothing like a nap.

After staying up late on both Saturday and Sunday and then getting no Sabbath nap, I was having trouble stringing sentences together on Monday. Literally. I was that far zombified. Which made what followed all the more interesting:

12:30 PM - Met with English group to discuss and finalize presentation for Tuesday. Laughed because none of us had started our papers, also due Tuesday.

1:00 PM - Puttered around on Facebook, deviantART, blogger, and Neopets.

2:30 PM - Zonked out.

5:30 PM - Went to Jimbo's Good Times Grill. Ordered the corned beef sandwich.

6:30 PM - Rationalized watching three more episodes of Robin Hood.

10:00 PM - Did my REL 320 homework.

11:30 PM - Decided to get a few more hours of sleep before starting my paper.

2:00 AM -Decided I could sleep for another 30 minutes.

2:30 AM - Decided that 3 o'clock would be a better time to get up.

3:00 AM - Decided I could sleep for another hour.

4:00 AM - Posted "Operation: Panic is a go" as my Facebook status.

5:00 AM - Decided I would miss my Institute class. Took a shower.

5:30 AM - Ate a bagel and watched Charlie's newest song on YouTube.

6:00 AM - Began writing in earnest.

8:00 AM - Printed.

8:15 AM - Hit the road.

8:45 AM - Power walked to my 9 o'clock class. Made it with two minutes to spare.

This procrastination thing needs to stop.

Listening to: "Taste of India" by Aerosmith
Reading: Snakecharm by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


  1. Wow...I mean, I procrastinate things, but I think I would die if I procrastinated that long. Kudos to you for actually getting it done in the wee hours of dawn!

  2. Haha, you are amazing, well done :)