Thursday, August 19, 2010


When I was signing up for this semester's classes, I brilliantly scheduled almost everything back to back. Resultantly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't have a break until I get home around 2:30 or 3. This does not bode well for my tummy and its grumbliness. Count on me to not consider lunch because I'm too excited about my classes.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday is a little better.

To tide me over during my long, grueling days, Dad and I picked up some granola bars.

But hunger isn't going to be my only problem. In one respect, scheduling my Spanish classes next to each other is a good thing. I don't have to pull myself out of a Spanish mindset just to turn around and try to get back into one. I can just keep thinking Spanish continuously. On the other hand, I'm not at a level yet where it isn't mentally exhausting to try to keep up with a fluent Spanish teacher for three hours. My literature teacher isn't so bad. I don't think she's a native speaker. She's from Michigan and of Italian descent. She almost speaks slow enough for me to catch everything. I do catch most of it. However, my conversation and composition teacher will be another matter. She's Cuban. Her Spanish is a little too fast for me right now. But I suppose I'll get used to it.

I'm really excited for tomorrow. Fridays are the days I can reasonably expect mail from my friends. Additionally, I should have a package arriving tomorrow. A package which I am eagerly awaiting.

Listening to: Sherlock Holmes
Reading: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

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