Saturday, August 7, 2010


I hung out with K. again yesterday. I'm quite thrilled that we're friends. I found Waldo while she registered for college courses, then we had a lovely little adventure at Staples.

We spent the evening watching 13 Going on 30. While that was on, I worked on sketching out a future painting on the loose sheets of canvas I got for Christmas. I thought it was a pad of paper, but when I opened it up the other day, it turns out that they're actually sheets of canvas cloth "acrylic primed for use with any medium." Which turns out to be even cooler than it sounds. K.'s dogs were rough-housing with each other and bumped into the coffee table, spilling water all over my drawing. Her mom was freaking out, worrying about it being ruined, but it turns out that acrylic primed canvas for use with any medium is a magical, magical thing. The water poured right off when I picked it up. It didn't even smudge the pencil. Not a run, not a wet spot, not a wrinkle. The force is strong with this one.

I also downloaded a bunch of fun stuff for my phone last night. Now I get alerts whenever an earthquake is recorded anywhere in the world. I have a lightsaber and a program that makes a plethora of Star Wars sounds that I have the option of making ringtones. I have a game wherein I bounce a cow up platforms in an attempt to save my friends from aliens in UFOs. My favorite: my new text alert is Navi from the Legend of Zelda yelling, "Listen!"

Listening to: "Cry For You" by September
Reading: Beauty by Robin McKinley

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