Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hellos, goodbyes.

On Sunday, it was announced that our bishopric will formally be released next week. It's one of the best bishoprics I've ever seen, and that opinion is widely shared, so naturally it was a sad day for all. The bishopric themselves, and their sweet wives, are feeling it perhaps deeper than the rest of us. Post-church was a festival of hugs and fond goodbyes.

A measure of those six wonderful people's caliber is this: when I hugged them and shook their hands and started to tell them how much I loved them and would miss them, I discovered that instead they were drawing me close and whispering in my ear how wonderful I was and how much they would miss me.

Oh, how I miss them already.

To the Mathesons, to the Randalls, to the Phelps: you're something else. <3

Last night I went to a birthday party for someone I'd never actually met. We have a mutual friend back in the Midwest, and since K. doesn't know anyone here, she was advised to look me up on Facebook. I'm so glad she did. She and her friends are a spectacular mixture of sweet and entertaining. I went to the mall with them today and had oodles of fun. Stops included a used bookstore (loot: The Once and Future King, Jurassic Park; total: $2.18), a pet shop, a kitchen store (one of the girls is a chef), The Cheesecake Factory (their food is mind-blowing), and the $2 movie theater. It turns out it was $1 Tuesday. Lucky us, eh? We proudly sallied forth, the only four people without young 'uns seeing How To Train Your Dragon at 2:35.

Listening to: The Shootist
Reading: Beauty by Robin McKinley

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