Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sleep deprivation.

Egad! What a week.

Monday's FHE was funner than usual. Friendship Dinners tend to drive me to the brink of madness, but I had a lovely chat with a friend about Ebonics, so that was awesome.

Afterward I had a long conversation with John the Animal about movies and such. I also decided that the Animal must be a title and added a Sir in front of his name. Though if you are going to say it, you have to say the entire thing. An accent is encouraged.

The rest of the week was hectic. I had two papers due, one on Thursday and one on Friday.

Wednesday night, I finally started working on my English paper around 10 PM, finishing around 4 AM. Hello, four hours of sleep. I don't regret it, though. The daylight hours of Wednesday weren't wasted (mostly).

Thursday, I was super energetic all day. It was weird. Although that energy was laced with a few bouts of extreme emotion. That night I had to do a bunch of geology homework and try to start my history paper. I got some of the geology done, but it was an even stranger day in that I felt like I couldn't be alone, so I was trying to do homework while being in a room with a huge group of my friends, who were playing psychologist. Thursday night I got to bed around 2 AM. Enter five hours of sleep.

Friday morning I was kind of exhausted. However, I managed to rock my last geology lab and a Spanish oral exam. I did have to fight to stay awake during a movie in history. I managed to finish my geology homework by 2-ish, at which point I started on my history paper. The one due at midnight. Finished around 5. That kind of worries me in the quality department, but I didn't have anything more to say. At that point I probably should've crashed, but lately I've sort of been feeling like defying logic and after finishing the paper I had a resurgence of energy. Instead I ate my dinner, blew soap bubbles while watching the sun set, then went and chilled by the giant bunnies on Mill with a friend. Mill is an interesting place on a Friday night. There was a guy who was basically apologizing for existing, and then he started talking like he was answering a phone, but I don't think he was on a phone...Then of course there were all of the people offering coupons for free drinks or asking for change. Mill, I love you. I wouldn't want to walk down you alone after dark, but I love you.

I got home around 10:30, but played on the internet 12? 1? I'm going to go with 12. Then I got up at 5, my dad picked me up at 6. Chiliquilis for breakfast, went back to bed until 1. In my brand new bed! My room at my dad's was distinctly lacking in the furniture department, but that problem has been rectified. I even have some sweet new sheets. And a plethora of hangers! Did laundry all day.

Listening to: School of Rock
Reading: Justine by Lawrence Durrell

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