Monday, May 3, 2010


Since I got up Friday morning, my stomach has felt all tense and fluttery, like I was about to step out onto a stage on opening night. It's made food rather unappealing (except for those garlic noodles...). Also, it's just annoying and can't be healthy. I'm pretty sure I've worked out all the various reasons for its presence and fluctuations in intensity, but I'll keep those mum, methinks. So this has been plaguing me all weekend with no end in sight, but at approximately 6:51 tonight it simply vanished. All it took was a single text from a friend. It was like I was trapped and all it took was a nudge from the right person to release everything. That's not to say it's really released, oh contrare, but all of the tension is.

Thanks, friend.

Listening to: "I'm So Excited"
Reading: The Definitive Wit of Winston Churchill

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