Monday, April 2, 2012

My Apologies

I have apparently forgotten how the alphabet goes. L-N-M-O-P doesn't sound too off, though, does it? At least I only swapped the nasals. They sound similar enough. Not that I actually mixed them up. I just sort of forgot about the existence of M for a day or two (long enough to write the last post).

I must apologize for not only the mix-up but also the delay. As previously mentioned, life has been a

One of the challenge prompts is to talk about my goals for this month. I'm not much of a goal-setter (e.g. my only "career" goal is to be happy), but I'll give it a go.

First, in regards to blogging, I'm going to try to post at least once a week. Weekdays have been pretty frantic lately, but I should be able to find time each weekend to write at least one post. In regards to the challenge and its time limit, we're playing by Calvinball rules now.

Second, I want one of those posts to be humorous because I promised Drewbadour I'd write something funny soon.

Finally, I just want to get through the end of this semester. I'm taking it one day at a time.

...So they're mostly blogging goals. Whatevs.

Listening to: THIS
Reading: Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll


  1. I didn't even notice the switch. What does that say about me?? Also, Calvinball rocks. Also again, I made it through the whole challenge without getting a single comment on the actual blog. I'm pretty sure I even mentioned them under "things that make me happy." Ah well.

  2. List of funny things to inspire you.

    -the realization that the world's largest volcano was just a neolithic experiment with baking soda and vinegar
    -Cyrano de Bergerac
    -lists of only two things