Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I feel I should mention Monday before it slips from my mind into oblivion.

It all started when I stopped by Grandpa's after school to deliver his mail. I had to wait around for a good 20 minutes while his girlfriend showed off her turtle, then as I was trying to leave they invited me out to lunch.

They suggested going to KFC, so I started following them in my own truck, planning on going straight home afterwards. Not far into our journey, it happened that there were two vehicles in front of me that looked pretty much the same, one being my grandpa's and the other being very much, well, not. Eventually one turned and the other didn't. I chose to stick with the wrong one. Also, it turns out that there really is no KFC to be found where Google Maps thought there should be one.

Finally my grandpa got in touch with me. Apparently he had to go all the way back home to get his cellphone because he'd forgotten it. We went to the Big Apple for lunch instead. Grandpa's girlfriend talked pretty much the entire time and kept hitting on the waiter who, at the end of the meal, turned to me and said, "This may be kind of strange, but I think you're really cute and I'd like to take you out sometime. Can I have your phone number?" Wow, dude. You get mad props for being the first guy to straight up ask me for my number. We have a tentative date set for Tuesday.

I went straight from dinner to K.'s so that we could work on our novels for NaNoWriMo together. On the way, a car in front of me plowed right through a flock of pigeons that was sitting in the middle of the road. Most of them flew away in time, but one of them took a major hit. The car just zoomed on through the explosion of feathers, but I was totally unnerved by the poor little body falling back to the road. I seriously considered stopping, but I didn't know what I could do. I just kept going. It was so sad.

FHE that night was a post-Halloween dance. It was totally awesome. There were some great costumes. My favorites were all four Ninja Turtles, Sean Connery, and Quail Boy. There was also a girl dressed like a lemonade stand. My old home teacher gained instant popularity by dressing up as Justin Bieber. I wasn't really a fan.

At last I fell into bed with worn-out shins that were already promising to ache by Tuesday.

Listening to: "I Like It" by Enrique Iglesias
Reading: The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West

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