Thursday, December 22, 2011


I don't understand why people get up in arms about fantasy books and decry them as unholy or evil or corrupting. They are opuses of imagination. In reading them, I have not been tainted. I do not believe in hobbits or Dust or Calormenes or that by walking through a wall at King's Cross I can find a scarlet train that will take me away to a school full of sorcery. The unreal in these books does not attack religion. The unreal adds to our pleasure in the story. Reading these books does nothing to my faith. They do not cause me to question what I know. They offer something else. They offer something everyone can believe in, whether they are Christian or atheist or Muslim or Jewish or agnostic or Buddhist or anything else. What I have taken from these books is this: I believe in courage. I believe in hope. I believe in love and friendship and second chances and that people can change. I believe in kindness and creativity and passion, in action and innocence and grit.

I believe in humanity.

Listening to: Hank & Katherine Play Super Mario Bros. Wii
Reading: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

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