Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chocolate mousse.

I spent no more than 15 minutes looking at a computer on Saturday. It was glorious.

In the morning, Bonster was so kind as to accompany me to the post office, where we waited in a line that stretched all the way out of the building. I always get funny reactions to the odd assortment of things I box up and ship to Sweden. Maybe it's the out-of-the-ordinary destination, or maybe there aren't that many people who make a habit of shipping kosher Jello packets and Taco Bell sauce.

Speaking of Taco Bell, after our lark at the post office, Bonster and I adjourned to that fine eating establishment and had ourselves a real nice palaver.

She could only spare a few hours out of her busy day, but after she left, I headed over to Shantel's for the pleasure of her company and of riding her horses. After several hours of doing just that, we capitalized on the Jester'z reservation Shantel's mom had made before realizing she couldn't go. We were joined in this last endeavor by Marc, who never fails to make any event memorable.

There wasn't a single cast member I recognized on this particular journey to Jester'z, but I think I may have found some new favorites. Of course, my very favorite part of the evening was when Shantel, as a birthday girl, got to make sound effects for one of the games. She had the funniest line of the night.

After Jester'z, we got frozen custard. Then, we went back to Shantel's, where we listened to Shantel's dad read a Christmas story, played on the swings out back, and ultimately vegged out to some Eric Whitacre.

After church on Sunday, the Priesthood served the Relief Society the meal they owed us for losing the Home vs. Visiting Teaching challenge. I don't know which was stranger: walking through their weird victory tunnel to get into the cultural hall or winding up with two salads.

That evening, my brother arrived for his Christmas visit. He and my dad have loudly been discussing things like transmissions and handguns ever since.

Today (Tuesday), I went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with Kylie the Magnificent and a couple of her friends. That's one restaurant that certainly doesn't skimp on the portion sizes. Good gravy.

As a side note, I love that girl so much. She puts the universe to rights.

Listening to: "Sleep" by Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir
Reading: The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman


  1. Can I just say that I <3 the fact that you make a meal at Taco Bell sound like a classy upscale banquet? Cause I do :)

  2. Oh, and the CAPTCHA I had to type to post that was "NOMNS". Fitting, I would say :D