Friday, August 19, 2011

Tia Rosa.

School started yesterday. However fascinating my variety of English classes may prove to be, I can already tell that Thursdays are going to be nightmare-ishly long. With the heat exhaustion and resultant headache yesterday, I was relieved that it was syllabus day and most of my classes let out early, especially the 3-hour day-ender. That professor, who looks like a cross between Tom Selleck and Tim Curry, announced that we will regularly have breaks in the middle of class. What kind of freakish schedule makes breathers during a class necessary?

I was doubly glad that, that particular class let out early, as that meant I could make it to my friend Drew's show on time. One of the fun things about my life being inundated with music majors is that they do cool things like put on shows at the MIM and do live jazz sets at quaint taquerías. Last night was the latter.

It was, to quote said friend, delicious. I especially loved the bit where he jazzed up the cantina song from Star Wars.

Of course, my favorite moment of the evening had nothing to do with the music. Drew's elementary school-aged brother is a precocious younker who seems to revel in being ridiculous for the benefit of us college kids. For example, he got in a contest with one of my friends to see who could take a bigger bite out of a styrofoam cup. That was strange. That, however, was not my favorite scene from last night. No, that honor is reserved for another. There was a bundle of roses sitting on the table, so in the middle of a conversation about something utterly unrelated, the young rapscallion randomly asked if we knew that roses were edible. We'd all vaguely heard such, yes. He then resolutely tore off a few petals and nonchalantly ate them.

That kid will never cease to amaze and entertain me.

Listening to: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO
Reading: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson


  1. If I had a brother, I'd want one like Drew's. Also, I've had rose flavored candy, but never roses themselves. I think I've only eaten marigolds and lilies.

  2. also, I like the new color of your fishies.

  3. I've got the roses on the kitchen table. I think I should move them after reading this. :)