Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Contingency plans.

Today was a lesson in the sometimes inconvenient results of procrastination.

My first class on Tuesdays doesn't start until noon, so I figured I had time to watch an episode of Castle before I did my homework before I left for school.

By the time I got to the parking structure around 10:45, it was already full. A slight thing that almost wanted to be panic began to settle in. It wasn't until my third public parking lot that I finally found a space, so I decided to treat myself to Subway.

Finally at the Institute after much driving in circles and a little walking, I scouted around for a place to eat my Subway in peace. Alas, my favorite little nook was occupied by someone taking a nap, so back I went to the West Chapel, where I was finally rewarded for the morning's meandering by a very Drew-ish Drew and 15 minutes in which to feed my face with some of the mildest buffalo chicken I've ever encountered.

While the events of the morning may have taken me a bit out of my way, I think all of it was actually rather fun. I'm not saying I want to do it again, but I certainly won't say no to the unexpected adventure here and there.

Listening to: "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin
Reading: The Iliad

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