Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weird bonding moments.

Whew! It's been a busy few days, which makes my mother's computer getting a virus all that more inconvenient. This post is coming to you from my Droid Eris (whose name is Iris). All hail the mighty smart phone!

The events of my weekend begin on Thursday with me painting my thumbnail clear with silver sparkles. This will become relevant later.

Friday morning, after a slight emotional crisis, I slid into my mom's Durango and headed down the highway for Kansas City. I met my friend Em at Winstead's, that most beloved of restaurants, and we had a pleasant breakfast of double cheeseburgers, onion rings, and chicken fingers. After creeping out two guys while trying to stare down the waitress, we got our check and blew that popsicle stand.

A few minutes later, we met my friend Ash at American Eagle in Zona Rosa. The next few hours were poured into a heroic quest to find a white dress shirt for her boyfriend. He kept rejecting the ones we found because they didn't fit right or they were too transparent. Finally, after Ash spent 15 minute explaining to him that all dress shirts are see-through like that, we emerged triumphant from The Gap.

We girls had a few hours to kill while he went and got a haircut (there was some kind of outrageous wait time), so we ducked into Hot Topic to amuse ourselves. Em bought a Green Lantern shirt and a voodoo doll that somehow resembles both Robin (of Batman fame) and a ninja. Ash got a new stud for her lip piercing.

Since Ash hadn't had anything in her piercing for a month or more, we headed to Barnes & Noble, where we were certain of finding a bathroom in the event of blood. In the bathroom, I watched, fascinated, as Ash tried to force the stud through her lip. Em wandered off to browse the general fiction section, so she missed the truly entertaining part. After 10 futile minutes, Ash turned to me and said, "I'm about to ask you to do something that will take our friendship to a whole new level." The problem was that, while there was still a hole most of the way through her lip from the outside, a layer of skin has grown over the hole on the inside of her mouth. The favor she asked of me was to ignore all pain and blood and push the stud through the hole from the outside until I broke through that layer of skin. It took some determination and a little encouragement with my fingernails, but I managed to work it through. Ash mentally wandered off to a happy place away from the pain, but on the plus side, there was no blood.

After Ash left with her boyfriend to continue her own busy day, Em and I wandered Zona Rosa some more. At one point while we were outside, I excitedly help up my thumbnail and totally confused her. In my giddiness, I forgot that she didn't know I had painted my nail with a clear polish that was supposed to turn red in the sunlight. My sparkley reddish nail meant nothing to her.

We hung out in B&N some more while I charged my phone next to the foreign language section. Em flipped through a Russian primer while I amused myself with Las Crónicas de Narnia. I almost bought it, but I talked myself out of it. I'm immensely proud of the self-control I showed in the face of my book-buying addiction.

After a crab sandwich at a sub shop (I love crab meat!), I followed Em back to her place because I felt more confident finding my way home from there. The roads in Kansas City are seven kinds of screwy, and the roads right around Zona Rosa are even worse.

For dinner I went out for Chinese with my friend Gnome, who amazingly has a one-door Civic. One side of his car was hit by a ladder, and the other side was backed into by a semi. He has to crawl in and out through the passenger door. We had a blast swapping stories and stuffing those crispy noodle chip things into the dredges of his wonton soup.

Saturday afternoon, my brothers and I went to a summer bash that involved Red Rover and sprinklers and water relays and frisbee and watermelon and whipped cream fights and water balloons. It was marvelous!

In the evening, a bunch of people met at someone's house and we watched Tangled. The commentary that occasionally flew around the room was priceless.

Days like these are the gems on the necklace of time.

Listening to: Gidget
Reading: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson


  1. ewewewewew GROSS! Did you have to go into such detail about re-piercing? ::shudder::

    everything else sounds marvelous! Especially the summer bash :)

  2. Haha way to be brave!! I don't think I could have done that. Well maybe, seeing as how I'm going to spend the rest of my life sticking needles in people... but still :) I'm glad you had some sweet sauce and interesting bonding moments :)