Monday, June 14, 2010

Low-key festivites.

Cast for this post:
Tonks (f): petite spitfire currently obsessed with zumba.
Ron Weasley (m): nerd 1. Ginger.
Harry Potter (m): nerd 2. Dark hair styled after the Beatles.
Dumbledore (f): obsessed with HP, Star Trek, Star Wars, Narnia, &c. Odd.
Rita Skeeter (f): ringleader, host.
Kyle (m): Rita's boyfriend.
Morgan (f): Rita's roommate.
Gary (m): Morgan's boyfriend.
The code names are taken from the characters everyone dressed up as for the midnight premiere of HP 6. That's also how they all appear in my phone. The last three have no such handles because we hadn't even met them yet at that point.

We were supposed to have a ginger-themed birthday party early last week in honor of Ron, but with all of the rain, Rita's basement got flooded and we had to cancel.

Instead we had a double birthday party on Thursday since that was Dumbledore's. We all met at El Maguey, the local Mexican restaurant. For being in the middle of the country, it's actually pretty delicious. Not the best Mexican I've ever had, but I've been spoiled over the past year because of where I go to school. I ordered chile relleno, one of my favorite dishes. The best part came at the end of the meal. Ron had alerted the restaurant staff that it was Dumbledore's birthday, so all of the waiters brought out a sombrero and a plate of sopapillas. They plunked the sombrero on her head and placed the plate in front of her and proceded to sing Columbus knows what in Spanish (it was too fast for me). While they were singing, one of the waiters had a little spoonful of whipped cream that he kept fighting to smear on her face. At the end of the song, another waiter leaned forward with a napkin like he was going to wipe it off, but it turns out that the napkin was also filled with whipped cream. They got it all over her face! She threatened to jack the sombrero for that, but didn't in the end.

After dinner we went back to Rita's house and hung for a while. We watched bits of Toddlers & Tiaras, one of the favorite shows of the group. I've never actually seen it, but my friends dressed up like toddlers and pageant moms for Halloween, so there you have it. We also watched a clip from The Colbert Report about a matador getting gored through the throat and the horn coming out his mouth. The real kicker of the story is that he survived. Blurgh...

Following that bit of delightsomeness, we went outside to play with the dog and try our hand at amateur cheerleading and such. Only two of the people involved in the toss were ever actually cheerleaders (I think), so I was kind of worried for Tonks' safety, but everything turned out alright. I also caught Ron's leap frog stunt on my phone for posterity.

Then we went out back and built a fire for s'mores. It was one of our lazier hang outs (noone tried to make a movie this time), but I think that's why I liked it so much. And we were outside when it got dark and for several hours thereafter, so I got to just sit there and listen and stare at the stars. I love being out in the country where there's so little light pollution! This is living, methinks.

The next morning I had the trippiest, most vivid dream starring every guy I'd talked to/texted on Thursday, but that's another story. The only thing I want to know is why there was a polar bear in it. I just can't get over that detail.

Yesterday I went to the singles' ward. Highlight: two of my friends wore kilts. 'Nough said.

Listening to: "Colors" by Barcelona
Reading: The Belgariad by David Eddings

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