Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dorm life.

Friday was quite the day. I got up and headed out around 5:30 AM to go running. Then, at 7:30, I had a geology lab that involved climbing part way up a butte. When the TA dismissed us, he said we could either follow him back down the way we had come and ask questions, or we could go up and over. Silly me, I chose the latter. Me and three other poor fools. Because of the way the vegetation grew, the clearest paths up the butte are baby ravines filled with loose, fist-sized chunks of rock. And it was a mite taller than I imagined. When I finally crested the top, my lungs hurt, my legs hurt, and I was thirsty something fierce. The only things that kept me from going back down were that I knew going down those steep rivers of loose rock would be harder and I'd already gone so far that I might as well keep going. Like the blonde joke about the blonde who swam halfway, got tired, and turned around. That was not going to be me. So I made it to the top. My lab partner was also one of the ones who decided to go over. I think he's part mountain goat or something, because he reached the top a good ten minutes before I did. Though maybe not, because he threw up and I didn't. Then of course, we took the wrong fork going down (the other side had real paths) and we had to pick our way down another ravine as the actual path down was a in the other direction.

We made it, and I was rather happy that the rest of my classes required little thinking that day. A few people did cultural presentations in Spanish and history was a lecture like usual.

I came home, ate lunch, and took a short nap before diving into yet more geology. I had to read two chapter and take online quizzes over them before 11 PM. I finished the first chapter before dinner (taking time out to shower and get all of the mountain off).

Dinner was Roomie, the Cynic, and I.

Afterwards, I hurried through the other chapter and quiz (and got stellar scores, by the by), so we could all watch a movie. They invited a bunch of other people to our small soiree, but only three were not busy and in town. We watched Disturbia, which I am not at all fond of, but it was kind of funny how often Roomie freaked out and started screaming. At one point she even left the room for a minute, but to no avail. The Cynic paused it until she came back in. Devious creature. Her timing was impeccable. She literally walked out only a few minutes before the climax.

After the movie, we spilled outside. We were initially in quest of ice cream, but we got sidetracked when some of our company wanted to be shown where the aquatic center was so they could find it to watch a water polo game on Saturday. That turned into us walking to Mill Avenue, the local street of stores and awesomeness. I think the Cynic was antsy or something, because he was the mastermind behind all of the traveling we did.

I'd never been to Mill at that time of night. There were buskers and street artists galore playing all sorts of funky stuff. It was awesome. We came back down University and went to the only place still open on campus at midnight. It wants to be a '50s diner, but it fails miserably. We got shakes and sundaes. The service was kind of mediocre. I suppose I can't really blame them. There was a surprising amount of people in there. So we hung out there with our various ice cream concoctions just chatting for a while.

Eventually the group dispersed as people realized when they had to get up in the morning for their various activities.

Saturday was a laundry day. Also, Dorm Life. Great webshow. I finished watching it on Saturday night. Started Friday afternoon. Yeah, I found it that awesome.

Saturday was also an interesting day for elevators. When I left in the morning, there was a couch in the elevator. Unfortunately, it was facing the back and I had a laundry basket, so I couldn't manuever well enough to sit on it. Later in the day, I got a text from Roomie telling me she was stuck on one! She called the Cynic who alerted the front desk who alerted the authorities and both the police and fire department came with their lights on and sirens blaring. (I heard about all of this second hand). The elevator had gone down only half a floor and stopped. They had to pry it open and Roomie had to climb out. She's pretty sure they broke the door getting it open. Its groundfloor door now has an "Out of Order" sign on it.

Quite the weekend.

Listening to: "One Tin Soldier"
Reading: The Definitive Wit of Winston Churchill

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