Thursday, April 15, 2010


What with a history paper and all, I haven't felt like I could justify taking out the time to write. For better or for worse, that was turned in last night, so for tonight I feel relaxed. I'm sure that will change tomorrow when I realize that I haven't read in my geology book and I have online work over two chapters due.

I read Oedipus Rex today. That was weird and all sorts of messed up. There are times when it's okay to be wilfully ignorant, but that is most definitely not one of them. Yeah, I'm talking to you Jocasta.

Today was Driver's birthday, so Roomie and I got him a giant, sheet-cake sized rice crispy treat. She put vanilla frosting on it and spelled out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" in M&Ms. I stuck 19 candles into the cruncy goodness. (Sorry this is such a dry retelling. I'm kind of burnt out on writing at the moment.) Again, we had to go outside to light the candles, but it was even windier than the last time with the flaming muffin, so we were only able to get four or five to stay lit long enough for us to sing. We each cut off what we wanted, mostly in weird shapes and places, and hung out munching on rice crispy treat for a while.

We followed that up with a couple episodes of The Office.

Listening to: "I'm So Excited"
Reading: The Definitive Wit of Winston Churchill

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