Saturday, February 19, 2011


This morning I got up at 7:30, when my body first decided it was ready, instead of going back to bed. It seemed like a novel thing to try, and I must say it was quite enjoyable. Or maybe that was the rain. Either way, I was rewarded for rising early with Saturday morning cartoons. True, these aren't as impressive when cable allows you to watch the shows whenever you please, but they're just so much better of a Saturday morning before the sun has finished scrubbing the crusties out of its eyes.

After doing the dishes, I chugged on over to the zoo. The other day I got the itch in my fingers to sketch a rhinoceros. I figured I better get it over with before it started bugging me. I must say, the old chap turned out rather well. As the day was overcast and sprinkly, the animals were wandering around en masse. I would save my activity up for rainy days, too, if I lived in the sweltering Arizona desert. Oh wait, I do and I do. Since I have a membership and can go any old time I want, I've decided to visit different parts of the zoo every time I go. Today I saw what I've decided to call The Lion King Animals. I think it's rather fitting, since all of the parents kept pointing out Timon and Rafiki to their young offspring, rather than calling them meerkats and baboons.

It was insanely windy on the drive home. I may drive a truck, but my Serafine is petite and she definitely took notice of the insane gusts rolling over the highway. There was also this strange fog-like appearance to everything, but it wasn't really a fog.

Shortly after I got home, it started raining in earnest, and I started being productive. I've decided that that jigsaw clock is just going to have to wait to be put together. I moved the giant TV box out of my room so I could walk around again and started organizing the clutter that has been accumulating around it. I didn't get as far as I wanted with my cleaning, what with Dad bringing me Arby's and I, Robot being on and that nap lasting way longer than I intended.

I rounded off my oddly-full Saturday by going to a concert of Gregorian chants with a friend. This is what I was imaging while the chorale was singing:

Glowing silver-white figures walk in stately procession, five abreast, bearing delicately wrought silver lanterns through a stately cathedral of towering trees whose branches meet high above like a vaulted hall. The leaves are still fresh from the rain and cast back the sunlight as glowing emerald and peridot.

I've also spent no few minutes today browsing a site called craftgawker. It has given me a craving to melt crayons and crochet things and fold paper.

Listening to: Gregorian chants
Reading: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling

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